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Jennifer Jareau and Spencer Reid

...because physics magic is intriguing.

Jennifer Jareau & Spencer Reid
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for fans of the relationship between Reid and JJ on the CBS show Criminal Minds
supporting this relationship since 2006
Welcome to the Jennifer Jareau and Spencer Reid livejournal community. This community is for fans of (more than just) colleagues Reid and JJ from the TV show "Criminal Minds". Feel free to discuss, post graphics, fanfic, pictures, videos, fan mixes, etc. Please read the rules before joining/posting.

This community is moderated by Cait (heartoutofstone) and Andrea (wickedandcruel). If you have any questions regarding the community don't be afraid to ask!


[01] Respect each other. Remember, this is the internet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.
[02] Please place ALL spoiler-ish things behind a cut and mention that there are spoilers in the subject or post itself, not everyone likes to know info about future episodes.
[03] Discussion of the show/ship in general is welcome and encouraged.
[04] Please TAG YOUR ENTRIES ACCORDINGLY! For graphics, tag properly with what you're posting with the following: icon, spoilers, pictures, wallpaper, fic, etc. For fanfics simply tag your entry with fanfic and the category (drama, angst, romance, etc); for pictures tag with pictures and the name of the person in the image (AJ Cook, Matthew Grey Gubler, JJ/Reid, etc); for spoilers tag with spoilers and so on. This makes it easier when searching for something specific and it makes the mods jobs easier.
[05] If you're posting large pictures/graphics place them behind a cut or link to them. Some people still have dial-up and it's not nice having to wait. This also applies if you're posting more than 3 icons: the rest MUST go behind a cut.
[06] The mods reserve the right to ban posters who bash this ship or other members of this community, so once again, be respectful.
[07] Fanfics must include at least, along with tags, a TITLE, SUMMARY, and RATING. If it is posted without all 3 you will be asked to edit your entry. A lot of people like to know what the fanfic is about ;)

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+ criminalxminds -a general Criminal Minds community;
+ picturethecrime - a Criminal Minds graphic community;
+ Criminal Minds transcripts - Transcripts of the episodes;
+ bau_fic - a fanfic community;
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+ Reid/JJ C2 Community - Ship specific fic


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